Bush – Sixteen Stone

28 04 2011

Listened: Thursday March 10

Sixteen Stone was a huge album for me in high school. Just listening to the songs now reminds me how I went over this album with a fine-toothed comb, including research on the Internet, such that it was at that point. I thought Gavin was incredibly hot (he still is, actually) and spent hours thinking about him. I’m probably heavily nostalgia-biased, but I still think this album is pretty good, especially for a first album.

The Toadies/Hum/Bush show at the Warfield (wish I had that poster) was the first show I went to without parents. My friends Audrey, Chi, and I thought riding BART from Daly City to SF to go to a show was the biggest adventure ever. I remember waiting in line to get in, in the grit of Market Street, having to pretend like we didn’t hear the panhandlers, who freaked us out, or notice the strippers and various undesirables hanging around the Crazy Horse next door. Little did I know it was only the first of many times over the years that I’d do such a thing.



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8 09 2011
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[…] remember really anticipating this album’s release when I was in high school. Sixteen Stone had been really important to me and I wanted to enjoy a […]

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