Suede – Singles

25 04 2011

Listened: Thursday March 10

First of all, this album cover is insanely bizarre and kind of hot at the same time. Two teenage girls maybe about to kiss, combined with the very modern scratch tag? Who does that?

I’m surprised I didn’t fall in love with Suede back in the day. They were some of the progenitors of Britpop, and after hearing the Singles compilation, I realized I did know a bunch of their older songs from back in the day without being conscious of it.

I bought this album during my “studying” period for Coachella 2011. I think I need to buy the proper albums now. Suede’s performance at Coach blew me away – Brett Anderson was much livelier and more intense than I had imagined he would be. I understand why Suede are beloved even now in their native UK. They can still bring it!



2 responses

11 05 2011
dominic Vent

I love the ambiguity of this cover, to me they could be equal parts about to kiss or fight.

The cover of the single for attitude removes this ambiguity a bit as it looks like they’re about to fight in that photo.

9 06 2011

Really? Their eyes are so soft. You’ve ruined it a little for me. 😉

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