The Dead Weather – Sea of Cowards

30 03 2011

Listened: Friday March 4

Jack White’s gimmick of having an internet-wide, 24-hour, vinyl listening party for the Sea of Cowards release totally worked on me.

I had been turned off by his other non-White Stripes project, the Raconteurs, so when he came out with yet another project, The Dead Weather, I missed their first album Horehound completely. But the second I tuned in to the video of the Sea of Cowards record playing in the Third Man offices, I was hooked. I watched for hours as disembodied hands, some male and some female, flipped the record after each side ended. For some reason hearing the songs and watching it go round and round was a million times more interesting than a regular digital listening party. Even as a vinyl fan, this surprised me.

The music itself is also great. Alison and Jack scream so well together; the sexual tension is palpable. The guitars are steeped in sexy sounds too.  Some of my favorite lyrics ever are “Check your lips at the door woman, shake your hips like battleships, all the white girls trip when I sing in Sunday service.” Apparently, I need to check out Horehound!



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