ballboy – The Sash My Father Wore and Other Stories

18 03 2011

Listened: Wednesday March 2

Until I heard The Sash My Father Wore and Other Stories, I didn’t know a lot of the lyrics to Born in the USA. Ballboy’s cover of it let me in on lyrics I missed before. It’s a good song! And as everyone knows, it’s not actually very pro-America (someone should have told Ronald Reagan).

The album’s title track has a classic ballboy awesome-refrain of “You’re a big, fat,  bigoted arsehole” and Kiss Me, Hold Me and Eat Me is also a fabulously amusing song about two cannibals-in-love being afraid to kiss for fear they will eat each other (don’t worry – spoiler alert – it turns out OK).

Musically, Sash is pretty mellow (lots of acoustic guitar and cello) and not as rocking as other ballboy albums, but I still love it!



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