Lucky Dube – The Rough Guide to Lucky Dube

25 02 2011

Listened: Thursday January 27

I don’t remember why I decided to buy this album. I think I wanted to hear what reggae from Africa sounded like.

What I do remember is that one morning, not too long afterward, when my alarm went off and I was lying in bed listening to NPR, I heard the horrible news that he had been shot and killed in front of his children by carjackers in South Africa. It’s one of the more jarring morning news radio moments I’ve had.

After that, I started to listen to this album in earnest. The line “Crime does not pay” from Prisoner was depressingly appropriate.

I have to admit some of the production isn’t that great, and the songs aren’t super-different from each other (but I guess this could be said for most reggae) but I love the sunny tone of the music. This is the perfect music for a big happy concert on a summer day.



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