crumb – Romance is a Slowdance

23 02 2011

Listened: Wednesday January 26

Listening to crumb took me back to high school. I saw them at least twice, once at Cubberly Community Center in Palo Alto (which seemed like a really long trip to make to see a show as a high schooler) and once at BFD 3 when they played the small local band stage. I still have the drumstick I caught at the end of their set. I learned later that friends I didn’t know then but know now were at the Cubberly show, and there were probably only 50-75 people there. Clearly we were meant to meet again.

This album is a little 90s, but I’ve listened to it multiple times now and it’s even better than I remember it. There’s headbangy righteousness and well-crafted screaming.  It’s the perfect album for high school music nerds and maybe also for nostalgic 32 year old music nerds!



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11 04 2011
crumb – Seconds Minutes Hours « Emily's Albums A to Z

[…] when Seconds Minutes Hours came out; I was disappointed. It has a very different sound than Romance is a Slowdance, an album that was very important to me in high school. It’s a lot less indie sounding and […]

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