Basement Jaxx – Remedy

25 01 2011

Listened: Friday January 14

Basement Jaxx and Underworld were my gateway drugs to dance music in college. The first time I heard Remedy I could easily hear the appeal. It’s got both lyrics and bouncy beats, as opposed to much of dance music without many lyrics and very repetitive thumpy beats. The vaguely reggae sounds are also fun. I can’t listen to Same Old Song at work though – too many orgasm-simulation sounds.

I’ve seen the Jaxx at least once; they played the Fillmore with a massive subwoofer running the length of the stage. It was in front of the stage on the floor, so I thought it was a security pit or barrier when I first saw it. But no, it was just a huge subwoofer. I recall their shows also having awesome and beautiful dancers and singers, who were pretty much all black girls (which is an unexpected juxtaposition, since the Jaxx are both pasty white English boys), in flamboyant costumes with pheasant and peacock feathers and such. It was definitely a sexy dance party.



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25 02 2011
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[…] still love Remedy the most, but I do appreciate how tight the Basement Jaxx songs and albums get as they go along. […]

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