The Ramones – Ramones

18 01 2011

Listened: Wednesday December 29

The Ramones are one of the weirdest bands that have ever existed. Grungy punks from NYC playing fast girl-group music with sometimes traditionally innocent, but sometimes violent and disturbing, lyrics – who would have thought that would work?

I don’t own any of their albums other than Ramones. I bought this one because of how much Blitzkrieg Bop and Beat On The Brat were a part of my teenage years, since they were played a lot on Live 105, and I thought I should own one of their albums for posterity.

Like the girl-groups of 60s pop music, The Ramones are a singles-based band. They don’t make albums, they make songs. Sometimes listening to a whole album gets a little tedious, even though the songs are pretty short. They do their one trick pretty well, but one trick wears out eventually.



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