New Order – Power, Corruption & Lies

11 01 2011

Listened: Monday December 27

I don’t know exactly why, but the transition from Positive Dub to Power, Corruption & Lies is amazing. I get wrapped up in a dubby groove wave, and the sudden driving rapid baseline of Age of Consent lifts me into another universe.

Power, Corruption & Lies is a very recent purchase. I had eyed it for a while having recently discovered Joy Division in a big way. The deciding factor for purchase was finding an important music list from my youth. I made a point of going back and researching songs I didn’t remember, and discovered that all the New Order songs rocked. Cha-ching!

Age of Consent, The Village, Your Silent Face, Ultraviolence, and Leave Me Alone are all atrips to wonderful 80s synths and groovy baselines. My car’s speakers will never be the same. Since I splurged for the collector’s edition, I got Blue Monday on the bonus disc, which is one of the classics of my Modern Rock youth.

I should have bought this album years ago.



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