Smashing Pumpkins – Pisces Iscariot

22 12 2010

Listened:  Thursday December 9

It’s very odd, considering it’s just a compilation of b-sides and demos, but I love Pisces Escariot more than any other Smashing Pumpkins album. Maybe when Billy Corgan isn’t obsessed with making a magnum opus, the songs are better. The Landslide cover was all over the radio back in the day, and was my first introduction to the songs of Fleetwood Mac.

The CD was one of the first I remember with a CD tray trick – if you held up the back cover to light with the CD removed, the image in the CD tray is a new image combining the front and back images. For a long time, I didn’t realize the front cover was a blurry face. It’s creepy now that I’ve noticed.



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