Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti

22 12 2010

Listened: Thursday December 9

Physical Graffiti is one of the most bombastic, operatic albums I can think of. I don’t ever notice it’s a double album; once you start the ride, it keeps going until it’s done. This album reminds me of Almost Famous; Cameron Crowe gave his young cast copies of the albums that moved him at the time, so they could get into the mood for the movie. The only specific album I remember from his list is Physical Graffiti – he said something like “Before they were cast in the film, they weren’t familiar with these albums; now, like me, they crave Physical Graffiti.”

While I’ve noted that previous Led Zeppelin albums are air-punching or head-banging, this once is foot-stomping for me. Clearly, Led Zeppelin are a very physically oriented band, given these responses I have to their music.

And what music fiend doesn’t nod in the affirmative when Robert Plant says “Let the music be your master, will you heed the master’s call?”



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1 09 2011
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