Radiohead – Pablo Honey

2 12 2010

Listened: Tuesday November 9

Pablo Honey gets dismissed a lot. Yeah, it’s very grungy and embryonic in terms of the “Radiohead sound” of years to come, but I still love it. As overplayed as Creep is, it’s a classic. It’s the soundtrack to every young person’s image of the 1990s. Plus it shows that even somewhat generic bands can involve into game-changers.

I love Stop Whispering, Thinking About You, Lurgee, and Anyone Can Play Guitar. Based on those songs, I’m shocked Radiohead didn’t become the next U2, busting out singalong anthems. Well, I guess they kind of did, It was just with dark, introverted, creepy anthems.



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5 09 2011
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[…] Computer is the first Radiohead album I ever bought. I slacked on purchasing The Bends and Pablo Honey for a very long time, just because I was very familiar with the singles (and a cheapskate) and […]

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