Shirehorses – Our Kid Eh

1 12 2010

Listened: Monday November 8

Our Kid Eh is one of two parody albums I bought when I went to Britain in 2001, per recommendation from my friend James. The two guys in Shirehorses were radio deejays at the time and I guess this was a side project. Food/fat people and vulgarity loom large as subject matter for the new lyrics, but this isn’t really that surprising.

A bunch of the songs I’m not familiar enough with to really get the joke (Manic Street Preachers, Robbie Williams) and some of the songs beat a joke to death (Bellow – parody of Yellow by Coldplay and Horny, a parody of a song I don’t know), but a few of the songs are legitimately catchy. I’ve had If You Tolerate This Piss stuck in my head for hours. No Big Sizes (Radiohead), the two Travis parodies (Fucking Around and Why Is It Always Dairy Lea), I Feel Like Shite (Supergrass), and Country Spouse (Blur) are also really catchy parodies.

The Beastie Boys parody (Pardon? by the Indecipherable Boys) helped me understand why the Beastie Boys are so popular – the words don’t matter!



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3 12 2010

You must be one of very few people anywhere to have listened to this recently, it did prompt me to watch a bit on Youtube and it was as daft as I remember. I guess it doesn’t mean as much if you don’t know the songs and like many albums of this ilk it sounds dated pretty quickly, good fun though. “Feel like shite”, one of the best, but anything that takes the piss out of Travis and Radiohead scores points in my book. The two Marks are still doing radio, although not together and both are still playing decent music, Radcliffe, the drummer has a higher profile but Riley, lead vocals and guitar, will always have a place in my heart for his guitar and backing vocals on some of The Fall’s best early stuff and for being the only member to have a go back at Mark E when he inevitability got sacked, “top one Lard”.

3 12 2010

Yeah, that’s the point of this thing, to listen to shit I otherwise wouldn’t bother to listen to and see what happens.

Of course, anyone in the Fall gets props from you! 😉 I can’t believe Mark E is still around. That guy is so unhealthy looking!

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