Passengers – Original Soundtracks 1

30 11 2010

Listened: Monday November 8

Original Soundtracks 1 was actually the first “U2” album that came out after I had become a rabid fan in high school. I also remember this being one of the first “current” albums I researched and discussed on the internet, such that it was at that point.

I know a lot of U2 fans were pretty mystified by it, but I enjoyed it. I also had no familiarity with Brian Eno’s solo career at the time, but now that I know a little more, it’s definitely a nice melding of U2 and Eno. I remember Miss Sarajevo being played on Live 105 at the time, which is pretty odd, considering the opera part of the song (which I think they edited down for broadcast).

If you like Brian Eno you should definitely check it out.



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