Jens Lekman – Oh You’re So Silent Jens

16 11 2010

Listened: Tuesday October 12

You’re So Silent is the perfect expression of being an introverted, dramatic young person. Simultaneously it’s very creative and witty. Jens makes wry statements at the exact moment he’s pouring his heart out with his voice. I just realized he’s like the Bizarro World Bright Eyes – he deals beautifully with the same subjects Conor does, but with a smirk and a sense of humor about himself. Not to mention a much more beautiful voice. Some examples:

“She said we were just make-believe, but I thought she said ‘maple leaves’. And when she talked about a Fall, I thought she talked about Mark E Smith. I never understood at all.” Unexpected and slightly obscure references – irresistible.

“I’ve got my pockets full of money, I’m gonna spend it all tonight. A whole months salary, gonna set it to flames, on some girl. We just met recently. I barely know her name.” Make it plain, Jens!

“It’s like someone spilled a beer, all over the atmosphere.” Again, with the unexpected and painterly references!

“And I’ve heard all the stories ’bout the black cabs and the way they drive. But if you take a ride with them, you may not come back alive. They might be psycho killers, but tonight I really don’t care. So I say turn up the music, take me home or take me anywhere!” I’ve blasted Black Cab repeatedly in my car, singing at the top of my lungs each and every time. It’s one of my favorite songs ever.

“When I was sixteen, I hung out with the kids who lacked it. And the punks who were born with leather jackets. The kind of punks that place themselves in brackets.” Who didn’t hang out with those guys once in a while, even if only in their imagination?

“F-Word, F-Word, pardon my French, but it’s BS, BS.” A beautifully composed homage to the F-word – without actually using it. Points!

I appreciate the further maturity of Jens’ music, but the well-expressed and unabashed immaturity on this album is entirely endearing.




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1 09 2011
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