La Roux – La Roux

31 08 2010

Listened: Wednesday August 11

I absolutely adore La Roux’s album. Even though half the time I’m not positive she’s on key. But with all the pitch correction they have these days, she must be… right?

Ms. Jackson has listened to a lot of Yaz/Yazoo and The Eurythmics, obviously. And this is a good thing. Can the covers of Only You and Here Comes the Rain Again be far behind?

I love to sing along in my car, especially to Cover My Eyes, As If By Magic, and Fascination. Fascination being when I sing the loudest and gesticulate the most.

La Roux blew up Coachella 2010 with Bulletproof. I’ve never experienced such a lusty crowd singalong/dancealong before. And yes, her hair truly is amazing in person.

The rest of the set was good, but I couldn’t decide if there were sound problems or she just didn’t know how to sing into the microphone well; the singing seemed very quiet and hard to hear.

Nevertheless, love it.



One response

11 11 2010

ah Love this album too. No wonder her early influence is Depeche Mode and tears for fears.
The most underrated album of the year.

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