Basement Jaxx – Kish Kash

31 08 2010

Listened: Tuesday August 10

The Jaxx are modern disco in every positive sense of the word. Now that I’m familiar with Northern Soul, I can hear the direct lineage from Wigan Casino to Kish Kash.

I also like that the Jaxx don’t discriminate – their guest singers on this album range from Me’Shell Ndegeocello to Dizzee Rascal to Siouxsie Sioux to JC Chasez(!). And all of the songs work, no matter the guest.

The Jaxx are like an old friend; I lost track of them after this album but I should catch up with them again.



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28 09 2010
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[…] was introduced to Hot Chip via Made In The Dark by my ex-coworker Mike. I know I said Basement Jaxx were modern disco, but Hot Chip is the next generation of modern, or maybe […]

25 02 2011
Basement Jaxx – Rooty « Emily's Albums A to Z

[…] I still love Remedy the most, but I do appreciate how tight the Basement Jaxx songs and albums get as they go along. They really get into perfecting their craft. Also impressive is how many guests they get on their albums, starting with Kish Kash. […]

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