Jimmy Cliff – Jimmy Cliff

26 08 2010

Listened: Friday August 6

Finding Jimmy Cliff was one of those random happenstances that makes life worth living. This album was on sale at Tower Records about 5 years ago for cheap and so I thought I’d check it out.

From the opening strains of “Time Will Tell” I absolutely loved it. The music has great rhythm, Jimmy’s voice is beautiful, the backing vocals are tight, and his songs are more literate and erudite than your average reggae songs.

Jimmy’s music and its positive messages have gotten me through many roadblocks in my life. I would describe him as being the polar opposite of Bob Marley. Rather than the Marley political struggle and love songs, Jimmy sings about very personal struggles, self-reliance, and responsibility.

I still haven’t seen The Harder They Come (Jimmy stars in it); I clearly need to bump that up the old Netflix queue.



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