Jarvis Cocker – Jarvis

26 08 2010

Listened: Friday August 6

I love what Jarvis is wearing on the cover of Jarvis – it’s pretty much the same as what he was wearing in 100 degree heat at Coachella 2007 when we saw him walking amongst the unwashed masses.

Jarvis the album is definitely stronger than Further Complications. I love singing along to Black Magic at the top of my voice in the car – it’s a song that begs for the raised pumped fist (which needless to say you need to be careful about doing in the car). “You only get to see the light just one time in your life.”

From A To I is a beautiful song musically, but also touches on classic Cocker issues of the meaning of life, where civilization is going, and where one fits in. It might be taking it a bit far, but I would say Jarvis is one of the true philosophical essayists in music at the moment. See also: hidden track Cunts Are Still Running the World.



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