Badly Drawn Boy – The Hour Of The Bewilderbeast

16 08 2010

Listened: Monday August 2

Hour of Bewilderbeast is another brilliant first album. I’m not surprised it won the Mercury Prize; it’s like a piece of art in music. It never fails to lift my spirits.

BDB’s live performances are something else though – when I saw him at the Fillmore during this period he played one of the longest Fillmore sets I have ever attended. Which seems like it could have been great, but for 6 songs running he said it was his “last song” and that was frustrating. I wanted to burn my remaining energy on the “last song” and having the rug pulled out from under me every time got exhausting. Additionally, he smoked so much (chain-smoking throughout the whole extended set) I got seriously worried for his health.

Anyway, albums: yes, live shows: maybe, if you are feeling like running  a marathon through a cloud of smoke.



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15 09 2011
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