Keane – Hopes and Fears

13 08 2010

Listened: Friday July 30

Hopes and Fears is a really pretty and catchy album that I enjoy, but despite that I fell out of love with Keane pretty quickly. For starters – the lyrics are inscrutable. I don’t mind the odd inscrutable song in general, but none of their songs seem to mean much of anything.

Secondly, when I saw them live, their singer, Tom, has the cheesiest performance style – his gestures and facial expressions look too unnatural and practiced. I’d much rather they look spontaneous and less perfect and “pretty”.

Thirdly, they went into the burned out rock star phase really quickly – the singer was in rehab after the first album.

All of this ended up being too cliche for me. Their second album is coming up later in the project, but after that album, they’ve fallen off my radar.



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