Christopher O’Riley Plays Radiohead – Hold Me To This

11 08 2010

Listened: Wednesday July 28

Hold Me To This is Chris O’Riley’s second adaptation of Radiohead‘s music for piano. His versions of There There, Like Spinning Plates, and Paranoid Android are particularly impressive. Some might be challenged listening to the songs in their original form; I’m sure taking those challenging songs and translating them through the piano was really hard! If you like Radiohead, this is a true fan’s project, not a quickie for dollars.

Chris has gone on to do piano adaptation of Elliott Smith and Nick Drake songs as well; I’ll need to check those out.



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8 11 2011
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[…] great translations of both older and newer Radiohead songs for piano. I would say his triumph is Hold Me To This, due to the fact that that album attacks some of the very difficult latter-day songs very […]

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