Ben Lee – Grandpaw Would

28 07 2010

Listened: Tuesday July 13

Grandpaw Would is an oldie but goodie. The main point of note is that Ben was only 16 when he recorded this, but he had been making music for years by that point. I’m nearly the same age as Ben, so when I discovered his music, it was shocking to realize how much someone of my age was accomplishing already.

I think these are the kind of simple songs only really young people could write; it reminds me of the Everly Brothers or songs Simon & Garfunkel wrote as Tom and Jerry before they were folkies. Especially impressive is Ben’s versatility; he can rock out, tell stories, and sing ballads authentically.

Listeners let you get away with a lot when you’re young too – singing off-key, the occasional weird lyric, etc. All those things make this album that much more endearing. However, while Ben has matured a bit, it’s clear he can’t get away with as much these days. Like much of life, sometimes one’s ideal ruling time at certain activities comes and goes, and I’m sorry to say it, but I think his best time in music has passed. But maybe he will drastically reinvent himself when he’s 50 or something.



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21 04 2011
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