The Good, The Bad & The Queen – The Good, The Bad & The Queen

27 07 2010

Listened: Thursday July 8

I checked out The Good, The Bad & The Queen because of its incredible pedigree (Damon Albarn, Paul Simonon, Simon Tong and Tony Allen) and because they would be playing at Coachella 2007.

I wasn’t disappointed – this another album that I knew was modern the second I put it on. It just has the “sound of the now” to it. I can hear hints of Radiohead‘s influence on the music side. It’s also achingly British (shocker) and Damon’s voice sounds great.

When I saw them at Coachella, there were several moments with rather creepy ethereal wind – right as they stopped playing a song, a huge gust would come and flutter the Buddhist-like flags decorating the stage, almost like their set was haunted. It worked well.



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