Brassy – Got it Made

27 07 2010

Listened: Tuesday July 13

Brassy is one of the few bands I’ve been introduced to at a show and was intrigued enough to buy their album later. Which I kind of feel bad about since I’ve been to so many shows – am I just super picky? Though to be fair a lot of the time I’ve heard of the opening bands before going to the show, so it’s not apples to apples.

In Brassy’s case, Muffin Spencer (yes, I think that is her real name) had such great charisma and powerful attitude that she immediately got my attention. It also helped their cause that they followed one of the worst opening bands I have ever seen – Pancake Circus. Brassy coming on was a breath of fresh air.

As I  noted earlier, Brassy is well-described as twisted cheerleader rap. I can’t put my finger on why I like Brassy when I usually am annoyed by groups of a similar style. Maybe Brassy tread the sassy/annoyingly-in-your-face line just right for me. They also know how to be catchy without being incredibly repetitive. Unsurprisingly, with all those attributes, this album is great for work-listening.



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10 06 2011
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[…] more twisted cheerleader rap (and I mean that in the best way possible) from Brassy. I prefer their debut to this album, but this still gets me going. “Bring it down to the sound of the […]

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