Travis – Good Feeling

15 07 2010

Listened: Thursday July 8

Good Feeling is one of the classics of college life for me. All the songs are great to scream along to and rock the air guitar. There’s also the right amount of young-person-angst mixed with optimism in the lyrics.

Happy could be such a cheesy song with lyrics like “I’m so happy cuz you’re so happy”, but somehow it’s not. Happy was a staple of early Travis performances; they always ended their shows with it, which worked out perfectly, since by that point everyone was unabashedly happy. It’s still one of my favorite Travis songs to this day.

The last time I saw Travis, Fran was singing Falling Down and jumped up on a seat next to an audience member. Then he actually did fall down on her just as he was singing “I’m falling down” and apologized profusely. Life imitating art quite literally.



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