The Futureheads – The Futureheads

13 07 2010

Listened: Wednesday July 7

I have wonderful memories of The Futureheads album that come to mind every time I hear it. One of the early years we went to Coachella, we got horribly stuck in the parking lot on the way out after the show had ended. Earlier in the day we had forgotten our CDs back at the hotel, so the only CD we had was the one already in the car’s CD player – The Futureheads. It played over and over again as we were stuck in traffic for hours (not an exaggeration). It made the time a bit more bearable.

This album is very catchy in the first place, but due to hearing it so many times back-to-back, for the rest of the festival we kept breaking into rounds of  “Le garage, le garage-rage…” I also fell in love with their version of “Hounds of Love” – it’s brilliantly done.

Now whenever I hear this album, I’m transported back to being young and having fun. I don’t even care about the fact that we were tired and pissed off at being stuck in traffic – all I remember is the great times and the infectious spirit.



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