Blitzen Trapper – Furr

9 07 2010

Listened: Tuesday July 6

I have a bad habit of not looking up opening bands before I go to shows, and it’s cost me a time or two (though most of the time  the opening acts aren’t worth hurrying to see). When I went to see Fleet Foxes, Blitzen Trapper opened for them, and I missed the first half of their set. Whoops.

Blitzen Trapper are twangy beard-rockers with a bit of jam-band thrown in. The song Furr is definitely the standout track, to the point of sounding like a completely different band. It’s clear that song comes from the same school of music as Fleet Foxes, while the rest of the album is quite different. Songs like Black River Killer make them sound like a softer, modern Creedence.

I should say that Woody was not impressed by their performance. He dismissed them right out as people who want really badly to be a professional band but who really aren’t that good. I think that’s a little harsh, but that’s often how it goes between the two of us!



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9 07 2010
Concert Confessions

Really, Furr is the standout track? This is the only band I have been “paid” to see and wow they really blew me away. As far as this record goes, I would say “Lady on the Water” and “Black River Killer” blow “Furr” away.

Sadly I missed em here last week. They had Rainn Wilson from “The Office” come out and perform “Furr” – check it out on YouTube.

13 07 2010

Hey, you still enjoy STP’s Core, so clearly we have different tastes! 😉

13 07 2010
Concert Confessions

Don’t get me wrong, Furr is a great jam – it’s just no “Black River Killer.” Yes, it is true, I cherrish the entire STP collection.

3 08 2010
Listen to Blitzen Trapper at the 2010 Newport Folk Festival For Free

[…] crowd at the Bowl was a much bigger thrill.  So much so that I picked up the band’s record Furr a few weeks later in their […]

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