Nick Drake – Five Leaves Left

5 07 2010

Listened: Thursday July 1

I first heard of Nick Drake about 10 years ago when Pink Moon was on a Volkswagen commercial. I liked the song but I never quite got over the hump of investigating more. But I remember that was the beginning of the great Nick Drake popular resurgence amongst music writers and fans.

Woody loaned me Five Leaves Left and right away its quiet, lovely folk music blew my mind. Nick was only 20 years old when he recorded this, but you would never guess – his voice and the music are so mature sounding. The music is very timeless too; it’s not easy to tell this album is 40 years old.

The man only lived 6 years after this album was released, which is stunning. What else could he have done?



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20 01 2011

If you like this then check out his other stuff, Pink Moon and Bryter Layter, along with his compilations. He makes beautiful music

14 02 2011
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22 04 2011
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