The Beatles – Beatles for Sale

23 05 2010

Listened: Friday May 21

Beatles For Sale is the last Beatles album I acquired in my Beatlemania phase. Probably because it’s the least famous as a whole and has no famous ‘Beatles’ song on it (Eight Days a Week being only a minor song in the pantheon).

I always forget how much fun it is to play.

I also always forget on the early albums which of the lesser known songs are Lennon/McCartney and which were written by Lieber/Stoller, Little Richard or the like. I’m repeatedly shocked when I realize which songs the Beatles wrote that I was sure were written by more experienced songwriters. I could have sworn No Reply, Baby’s in Black, and Every Little Thing were written by the “big guys”. Lennon and McCartney were excellent style mimics as well as lyric writers.

This album is drenched in handclaps, which somehow really works and increases the energetic qualities and old school feel of it. I’ve got to remember to play this album a lot more when I need some “buckle down, sing to yourself, and crank” music.



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