Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bayou Country

22 05 2010

Listened: Friday May 21

I didn’t own any Creedence albums until recently when Amazon has started having one of them on sale each month for $5 as a download. I need to listen to Bayou Country a lot more.

According to Wikipedia, this album starts off with “over-driven amp vibrato on a slow setting”. Definitely the guitar and the vocals on this album are both similarly shredded, in a good way. I can hear the Jimi Hendrix influence in the guitar solos and CCR do not skimp on harmonica.

This project is clearly paying off insofar as my music nerdery – I learned what “humbuckers” are when I dug into the Wikipedia article on this album (not that I practically know what they are, really, having no electric guitar experience whatsoever).



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