This is a new experience for me

18 05 2010

Despite having some degree of writing ability – I was an English major at UC Berkeley, though my subsequent career path has never required much regular exercise for my writing muscles besides writing clear emails and occasional process documentation – I have never tried even once to blog in the past.

I just didn’t believe I would keep it up or have anything interesting to say for any length of time and I couldn’t fool myself into thinking I would, enough to actually get over the hump of creating a site.

I knew it would take some kind of conceit for it to have any chance of it working out and when I was trying to consciously think of a conceit, I couldn’t.

Yesterday I randomly decided to listen to all my albums I’ve ripped to my work computer (which represents 80-90% of my collection – I have a few CDs I didn’t rip and about 40 or so albums on vinyl) in order from A to Z.

I am an album person, I always have been. Of course there are some songs I can fixate on, like anyone else, but I really don’t enjoy setting my iPod to random. Never have. Once you get into the groove of a song, you are ripped away to some entirely different era, style, sound, or tempo. Maybe my collection is just too eclectic for the “random song” kick.

Today I considered that it might be fun to log the progress and comment as I go along (maybe not on every album, but just a couple of impressions per day as I progress through them). So here I am.

I really think this is going to take forever. It has been 2 work days and I am not out of the letter A yet. But we will see how it goes. I hope to keep it somewhat interesting, though it might devolve into my own stream of consciousness inside-joke nostalgia thing, I suppose.



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