Just Jack – All Night Cinema

18 05 2010

Listened: Monday May 17

All Night Cinema is Just Jack’s latest. He’s not really known here in the US, but by way of an introduction, he’s like The Streets, but less hard-living and ambitious. He’s a regular guy who has a way with words, storytelling, and catchy hooks.

Goth in the Disco is an amusing portrait of exactly what the title says. What would happen if a goth stumbled into a cool-people disco? And The Day I Died is classical Just Jack – poignant and detail oriented without being sappy or corny at all.



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5 09 2011
Just Jack – The Outer Marker « Emily's Albums A to Z

[…] this, his first album, makes abundantly clear his poetic skills and way with a groove. As I said before, he’s like an alternate universe version of The Streets, more regularly poetic and poignant. […]

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